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Men and Women Advance: Gemma Calcani Downloading Cadello?

Written by Simona Trankville on March 9, 2021 in Men and Women

Men and women, progress on March 9: Gemma Calcani angry with Cataldo

Tuesday meeting with Men and women Will be central Gemma Kalkani. Maria de Philippi will return as the female protagonist of the show on the show with her emotional adventures. In recent days, Gemma seems to have seen a new emotional stimulus for Cataldo. Attendance between the two protagonists Trono Over However, during the week it did not go as planned. Gemma Kalkani for men and women today He will tell you about inviting Cataldo to his house for dinner, and Knight would have gone a long way with his improvements. The 70-year-old would have come so close to Cataldo on the sofa, lying with his head on his feet, and he would have rejected him several times.

Rumors Men and Women, Gemma Calcani Disappointed by Cataldo: Is the Love Story Already Over?

The Advancement of men and women Reveal that this afternoon Gemma Kalkani, Protected yesterday by Gianni, She admits she found her new boyfriend’s attitude out of place, insisting he should sleep with her too. TO Cataldo men and women He would say he wanted to test Gemma, insisting that he did not want women to let themselves in on the first date. In short, Kalkani would have passed the test, but would have been very disappointed by Knightie’s “games” Trono Over And will decide not to spend the evening with him. Will he ever stop dating Cataldo? Knight’s attitude is sure to create a crisis in the relationship Gemma Kalkani.

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Men and Women, Progress of the Throne: New Advocates for Zero Natale

Today Men and women New lawyers will also be coming Zero Natale. However, Knight, who has always insisted that he has a hard taste for women, decides to keep only one.