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Giorgia Meloni

Meloni reveals the reason for her appearance in the press: “Clockwork investigation for vote-rigging”

Voters are said to be the mirror of the political party they voted for, and vice versa: Meloni commented on a conspiracy that, like praise and voter orientation, was a fan inquiry into what happened after the fuss was raised. But instead of conspiring, why did he not begin to expel the fascists from the party?
“Investigations these days? They are designed to undermine the vote.” Georgia Melloni has no doubt and commented on the results of the “Quarta Republica” executive election, with the release of the Fonbage news report, the Milan Attorney’s Office launched an investigation into the hypothesis of illegal party finance and money laundering during the Italian Brothers election campaign for the capital Lombard.


“Unlike what the center said and did, the results seem very obvious to me,” Meloni continues.
“In the big cities we were five to one of them, today there are three on the ballot. For all of them the competition is still open in Rome, which is very important, there are center-right pulling Italian brothers coming first.”
Again: “Hearing Enrico Letta say the right is winnable: Prove it, I challenge it. To achieve this goal, the brothers in Italy are ready to support Mario Draghi in Grinley”.

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