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Medium: The video shows funny user reviews

Blooper team, Author of horror games such as Blair Witch, Observer System Redox and Layers of Fear, has released a dedicated trailer Excellent (and funny) user reviews Issued by. The game is really well done 75,000 reviews on Steam and Microsoft Store. So the development team wanted to celebrate something very interesting, which you can see in the trailer at the beginning of the message.

As we all know, Steam is full of users who are ready to write creative reviews, sometimes very short, “You can feed a cat, I already like it”. The second user does one Good connection with Witzer 3, Writing: “So, this is one of the worlds where Siri ends up running away from the wild.” In terms of humor the protagonist of The Medium has white hair at some point, so he remembers Siri.

Medium: Natura Dulee

Following the medium video, we see other reviews such as “You will learn how to move your eyes like a chameleon” referring to the duality of the game world. One user, especially the smart one, says “instead of set up” Graphics in ‘medium’ for extra high speed effect“Others simply say that this is their favorite horror game of all time and recommend buying it now.

Further, Medium until April 16, 2021 20% discount on Steam, Epic Sports Store and GOG (standard) and 25% (Deluxe). Finally, we point out that the Blooper team is creating a new horror with a well-known publisher.