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Masa, lightning destroys a flock of sheep: what happened

Masa, lightning destroys a flock of sheep: what happened

The power outage did not escape Rolando Alberti’s flock, he was a young shepherd well acquainted with the cheese he produced.

Forty-seven sheep They are dead Lightning strikes In the mountains Pulp. The truth is, Abuwan beach was badly damaged during bad weather a few days ago.

Electric discharge Rolando Alberti is a young shepherd who is well known for producing transsuman milk following the tradition of cheese, with no way to get out of the herd. Alberti raises Black Abuana, One of the most endangered species.


Reproduction, and Cheese production Goats intended for direct sale are the sole and main source of livelihood for the young shepherd. According to one estimate, at least 10,000 animals in the world each year suffer from lightning strikes, burns, and injuries to internal organs.

“This is certainly not a frequent study, not a rare one, but a possible one. Lightning entered the herd and caused a massacre,” said President Francesca Ferrari. Goldiretti Masa Carrara – Rolando embodies spirit, tradition and grazing interest. We apologize for the inconvenience. “

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