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Matrimoni in Campania, la Regione approva il protocollo

Marriages in Campania, the region approves the protocol

With the order of President Vincenzo de Luca, a new protocol for arranging receptions and weddings in Campania was approved.

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Recognized by the region of Campania by order of the President Vincenzo de Luca, Protocol for organizing receptions e Weddings in Campania. Each structure has indications that the room needs to identify an employee Kitchen, Is responsible for verifying the implementation of all measures to control the risk of spreading the infection provided in this protocol. Managers must be notified in advance Asl For a regionally competent municipality. Duties also include advance contact with the competent local health authority and municipality Receptions and planned parties, With at least 7 days notice. With the number of guests expected, depending on the date of the event; Preparing adequate information on preventive measures to be respected during the event; Make hand sanitizers available at various points in the room, especially at and near the entrance Toilet, Which should be cleaned several times a day.

Duty to avoid and take action again Meetings Outside the campus and its appearances; Detecting body temperature at the entrance will prevent access in case of overheating 37.5. C.; Employees assigned to quota access check customer wear masks, except for internal meetings; Maintain a list of participants for 14 days; Renovate the venues, guarantee the event venue in an orderly manner, avoid crowds and ensure that at least 1 meter of separation between users is maintained. If possible, tidy up Separate paths Entry and exit; Arrange the table at least 1.50 meters between clients of different tables in indoor environments and at least 1 meter in outdoor environments (gardens, terraces, stalls, dohors). According to the rules in force, they are not subject to distance from each other. However, this last aspect is personal responsibility.

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Spacing between tables and buffer at the entrance

The Spacing between tables When body separation barriers are used or persons with a vaccination card or a complete immunization certificate, or antibody titre (such as anti-S1 antibodies) immunosuppressants or a negative result, the antigenic molecular cloth is carried out at the entrance or in any case within 48 hours of receipt. Where possible, use Outdoor spaces (E.g. gardens, terraces), always respecting spacing of at least 1 meter. Adequate cleaning and disinfection of indoor environments and any equipment should be ensured prior to each use. One, can be set depending on the possibility of space Health Center In the parking lot or other part of the restaurant where you can carry By antigenic cloth Before entering the reception. This check / verification structure will be handled by available health workers.

Those already vaccinated do not need antigen testing, certified by the exhibition Card vaccine Or similar certification and event with a sample carried out within 48 hours for certifiers of antibody titer (such as anti-S1 antibodies) or those who present a molecular or antigenic fabric result with negative results. In order to significantly reduce the risk of infection, the protocol strongly recommends spouses and their close contacts, made of an antigenic or molecular cloth within 48 hours of the ceremony, in order to detect any positives. Guests must wear Mask Indoors, except when sitting at a table and outside in any case where the distance of at least 1 meter cannot be respected and in accordance with the current status of duty to use personal protective equipment or regional rules.

The Service staff Use of contact mask with guests and any other device required by departmental protocols, and any other measure required by cleaning products and departmental protocols to be followed with frequent hand hygiene. It is allowed to organize by nature a Buffet eFor guests and staff, the duty to maintain distance and the duty to use, except for the opportunity for guests and staff to access the buffet table and touch what is on display at any given time, exclusively provided to management by the staff in charge of the seat is a mask to protect the respiratory tract. For anyone Musical performances By experts, please see the guidelines approved and the guidelines in practice. To be conducive to natural air exchange in indoor environments, it is mandatory to keep doors, windows and windows open if weather or other conditions of need allow it.

Due to the congestion and the residence time of the occupants, the performance of the systems should be checked to ensure an adequate amount of outdoor air flow in accordance with the prevailing regulations. In any case, the crowd must be related to the actual flow rates Outdoor air. For air conditioning systems, it is mandatory to completely eliminate the air recirculation function, if technically possible. In any case, measures for natural air exchange through the system should be further strengthened, and CleaningRecycling air filters to maintain adequate filtration / removal conditions when the system shuts down. If technically possible, the recycling filtration capacity should be increased, replacing existing filters with higher class filters and guaranteeing to maintain flow rates. Air extraction in toilets should be kept in continuous operation. In Wardrobe, Clothing and personal items should be kept in special clothing bags.

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