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Many pictures of Bethesda's space game in the new leak

Many pictures of Bethesda’s space game in the new leak

For the fifteenth time Starfield In the evening they were posted on social media pen, causing material leak Eleven new pictures Dedicated to the title of Bethesda.

The first ten images that are part of the leak are dedicated Two different polygonal models Starfield or the NPC’s “armor” that allows for a more detailed but without colorization that allows viewing from a variety of angles is perhaps of particular importance in the game plot. The last film was instead dedicated to a project Mast Explorer Helmet, Probably in a helmet game we can build.

While waiting to understand what these new images of the title are linked to, we remind you that its release is setNovember 11, 2022 Exclusively PC and Xbox Series X | Like all titles produced by S and Xbox Game Studios, the Xbox Game Pass comes from the release date in the library.

You know about that Too much conversation will damage its quality, according to Starfield developers? It was confirmed during the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Starfield has the participation of 300 actors and 150,000 lines of dialogue.

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