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Mana's Legend: Anime Series for Classic RPG Announced

Mana’s Legend: Anime Series for Classic RPG Announced

Just yesterday, Square Enix renamed its Action RPG Classic in this country “Myth of Mana”. Now there is another reason for fans of the game to be happy, as the game’s anime adaptation was announced as part of the latest livestream for the “mental” series. Anime News Network Announced. The first scene of the TV series can be found below the article.

Mana’s Legend: Warner Bros. produces Japan anime series

Masaru Oyamada, the game’s maker of the game series, commented briefly on the name of the anime version of the game, “Legend of Mana: The Tear Drop Crystal”. As he explains, when the remaster of the classic game was not an issue, those in charge had already approached him with the idea of ​​an anime project.

Then at a meeting he initially participated without much thought for such a product. Mr. Warner Bros. of Japan. When Yavata approached the “Legend of Mana” anime project with passion (with great affection) he realized that he had to start the game again. Finally, Oyamata promises fans that “everyone involved” will still love the series as much as they do. “

Mana’s Legend: Teardrop Crystal will be a TV series announced by Square Enix that Wierner Brothers Japan will produce the project. The two studios, Grofinica (“Bayonetta: Bloody Fat”) and Yokohama Animation Lab (“Azure Lane: Slow Above!”), Are responsible for animating the work, most recently the creator of the recently released remaster.

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It is unknown at this time what will become of the “Legend of Mana: Tear Crystal” in Japan and whether the anime series will be available in other countries.

Are you excited about the announcement of “Legend of Mana: The Tear Drop Crystal”?

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