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Here are the difficulties faced and how to respond!

Here are the difficulties faced and how to respond!

We first returned to the mobile app. First, if you have already downloaded the app, you will need to update it.

Then, three questions are asked to find out which documents can be recovered: Have you ever been vaccinated? Have you ever tested negative? Have you healed Covit-19?

Now is the time to connect.

Link via itsme

The easiest way is to go through the ItSme app. Concern: Some of us are directly experiencing an error message …

We also checked the situation where the person does not have an Itzme account yet. Here again, attempts to create an account have failed …

For those who manage to connect via itsme, the rest is obvious: we have quick access to our various certifications.

If itzme doesn’t work …

For others, we may turn to the other possibilities offered to us: “Connect with Health”. Then a problem arises: you need to use an ID card reader. Identity card reader that does not necessarily connect to your smartphone. In short, after many attempts, we could not connect through the application.

We go to the site via a computer. Everything sends us back into use. Almost almost. At the bottom of the page you will be told that you can download your certificate from MaSanté.be, Walloon Health Network or by phone.

After logging in to one of these sites, using the ID card reader (this method can be inserted into the computer), the first challenge location hides the European digital certificate.

All you have to do is click on it and answer the same three questions and you will access your certificates. Damn! On the other hand, these are actually certificates in paper form. So print …

Also keep in mind that your past trials beyond the 72 hour deadline are no longer accessible. Only more valid tests can be downloaded.

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