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macOS Montessori: Beta 2 Available (Developers)

macOS Montessori: Beta 2 Available (Developers) – iPhone Software

Apple Magos is launching the second beta of Monterey tonight for all registered developers. The update adds several stability fixes, improvements and new features gradually until the start of the school year. Apple seems to have worked on the second beta for a long time as there are still three weeks to go with the first beta!

macOS Montessori: b 2ta 2 is available

All registered developers can Right now Install the new beta of Magos Montessori if you have Mac Compatible With new update.
It’s too early to tell what new features have been added to this beta, but Apple has a choice … as we discover more 180 transitions with Magos Montessori All users can find it at the beginning of the school year with other software versions (iOS 15, iPados 15, WatchOS 8 and TVOS 15).

macos 12 monterey mac to mac airplay

If you are a developer, go to the Apple menu and click to download the latest version System Options -> Software update. The new beta will be patiently waiting for you!
Looks like Apple will only be releasing the MacOS Montessori Beta 2 tonight, there are no new betas on the iOS 15 page and other updates are yet to come. We will definitely let you know if there is anything new in the evening.


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