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Machines: Parking tickets in New Brandenburg can now be paid using the app

Machines: Parking tickets in New Brandenburg can now be paid using the app

Parking in New Brandenburg is becoming more modern. If you wish, you can now pay for your parking ticket using your smartphone – except for an important location.

New Brandenburg

Drivers in New Brandenburg can now save themselves from the annoying search for a change or long distance to extend the parking time at the engine. In the city center, parking fees can now be paid by mobile phone at city parking lots. According to management, the city is collaborating with “Smart Parking”, an initiative for digital parking space management. Parking ticket machines are already provided with relevant information stickers.

Extend or stop parking time

Prerequisite for using the service is having a smartphone or at least a phone. Drivers start the parking processor by app, phone call or SMS, the provider said. If you want to download the app, you can do this by scanning the QR code and starting the download process. According to the provider, you can stop or extend your parking time as needed. Parking tickets do not require high fees or warning penalties.

It is still possible to pay in cash

The mobile service will cost 10 to 20 cents more, depending on the provider, explained Sven Kuhfeld, responsible clerk at the property management company. Paying with cash is definitely still possible. Silvio Witt (independent) Lord Mayor of New Brendanburg said the service was already available in several cities: “Even with us now.” “Smart Parking” parking options are offered at Warren (Merits), Strollsund, Rostock and Berlin.

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According to reports, public organization office staff authorize a car by comparing a digital ticket to an online system. “You enter the license plate number,” Sven Kuhfield explained. The respective parking machines can be identified by their own number. In the words of the clerk, an open platform was deliberately chosen to make the service as convenient to the citizens as possible. There are six different mobile phone parking providers to choose from.

In the city with four gates, 31 machines were fitted with the appropriate sticker. Parking with a mobile phone ticket is not yet planned at the city’s underground car park in Marketplots.