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M5S: "School, de Luca creates chaos and holds accountable"

M5S: “School, de Luca creates chaos and holds accountable”

With the word “recommendation” referring to a bizarre and unique teacher who assumes that more than 50% of the schools in Campania are in the classroom, de Luca creates confusion and invests more tension in school leaders, as well as charges that they should not be entirely responsible.

The indictment was launched in light of the content of an order issued by the Governor of Campania on January 28 by Maria Mascara, regional councilor of the 5 Star Movement.

“A confusion – he adds – involves parents and teachers at a time when the need for clarity and determination is felt. The attitude of utter irresponsibility that only fuels confusion and panic. Attempting to do so would provoke the rules to be avoided, so managers who fall into any responsibility at school may argue that ‘you should wash your hands in case you have to return to the executive judges, in which case there is no harm in saying that it is not a binding action’.

“A contradictory decision – Mascara continues – is in line with the context of the personal war between the region’s president and the Thar judges who rejected him. In the days we are preparing, the risks that inevitably arise in regional transportation mechanisms are already beyond the bounds of control. “

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