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Luigi kidnapped - Nintendo catches rival plumber

Luigi kidnapped – Nintendo catches rival plumber

Where did Luigi end up here? (Image source: Nintendo, Getty Images / Ka Loong Lee)

Luigi often plays the second fiddle in Mario games. He’s still interested in being kidnapped by a Nintendo rival. The plumber with Luigi’s mansion has already proven to be suitable for a wide variety of sports. However, in the following Sega game, the good space seems a little out of place.

Luigi is forced to wave flags

In fact, the origin Nintendo-Character Luigi Daylight can never be seen in this game, but the latest leak on older Xbox and Dreamcast prototypes has now brought a different guest character to the surface.

Because at that time the ore rival was in Sega Sega GT prototype He grabbed a green plumber from Nintendo and hid it in the track of the racing game. The game appeared on the Sega Dreamcast at the time and was in competition with Sony’s Gran Turismo 2 at the time.

In which Tweet See how Luigi does in Seka’s racing game:

Apparently, those who created the game back then Just fun And tied Luigi in a secret race in which the Nintendo character happily waved the victory flag. Inventor CombyLaurent1 suspects that this version of the game was never intended for release. (Source: கோடகு)

Sony also removes its fat

The Luigi Race Track bears this name “Sonigiti 2”, Which is obviously a reference to Sony’s Gran Turismo. This is another indication that he is a great developer comedian.

The inventor always considers Luigi’s appearance to be a myth and says the following about the invention:

“When I discovered Luigi yesterday, I had to laugh out loud. I knew from old developer events that there must be this kind of humor. I would never have believed that I would see it in one of my prototypes.”

In Nintendo’s adventures, Luigi often plays only one supporting role. On the other hand, his brother has several successful branches:

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Sega borrowed the famous Luigi from the prototype of their racing game Sega GT and used him as a flag bearer. The unusual appearance of the Nintendo character in the competition was actually a joke among the developers that it was never intended for the general public. Until now.

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