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Lol - Pre-Season 2022: Two new dragons are coming into the split

Lol – Pre-Season 2022: Two new dragons are coming into the split

Every season League of Legends The role of innovation and the twelfth is no exception! The biggest addition would be the dragons. In Season 10, Rio Games already made a number of changes to this feature through Rise of the Elements, which introduced Elemental Rifts, and thus introduced a variety of dragons. Crack has been evolving since this season, bringing special puffs including Dragon’s Soul, which closely follows the ancestral Dragon. Currently, there are four of them. The good news is, two new ones will appear in Season 12.

Dragon Hextech

When your team beats him, All team members gain skill acceleration and attack speed.

When a group retrieves the soul associated with it, they receive a chain web similar to the inactivity of the Statics Docker.

League of Legends

When this dragon invades the split, Creates hextech portals that take players to certain points on the map.

Techno-Chemical Dragon

When a group kills him, She faces more damage when her HP is low, thus shifting her tight fights. This dragon soul brings second life. When you die you enter a “zombie state” where you can use skills and fight instead of looking at the gray screen.

League of Legends
League of Legends

When scrolling down the Techno-Chemical Dragon map, This creates camouflage areas in fixed locations.

These two dragons are making more of an impact than they already are, and this is the goal demanded by the riot games. The goal is to add unique encounters and key strategies in the middle and end of the game.

Of course, nothing is final, If the studio is too weak or too powerful it will equalize their impact. These changes should come to PBE within a few weeks.

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So, judge? What is your opinion about these two new dragons?

Some champions seem to be more popular than others in riot games. This is the case for this champion or this champion, who has received more skins than he has been in the game for more than 10 years since its release.