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Little Smart Home Test Starter Set: Exceptional light quality

Little Smart Home Test Starter Set: Exceptional light quality

When it opens, we feel Little Touch It seems to be slowing down the results of its devices. The connecting bridge and bulbs are so light, one wonders if there’s even an ounce of technology inside, and the plastic that covers the catwalk will be a bit distorted under the fingers.

The installation of the Little Bulbs is reminiscent of it Phillips Hugh Or some Ikea Wireless. They work with the connection bridge, which must be connected to the home internet box via Ethernet. The configuration of the devices is such that the connection between the bridge and the bulbs or parts of the Little range is made in ZigBee – a very impressive alternative to Bluetooth. In fact, this low speed network uses very little power and offers a high range, which allows the aircraft to operate even through thick walls.

Installation does not cause any particular problems. You’ll need to plug in the E27 lamp and download the Little Home app (available on iOS and Android), while making sure the bridge-connected smartphone is properly configured on the same Wi-Fi network. It is necessary to add bulbs that are quickly approved by the bridge and its subsequent use.

Advantage of this installation – In addition to increasing the range compared to Bluetooth, you can connect one device at a time that can be controlled by multiple users. Note that with the Bluetooth system, only one smartphone can connect the bulb – you need to disconnect so that another user can take control.

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Undoubtedly, the WiFi connection is more complex and lengthy than the Bluetooth connection, but it offers many possibilities such as remote control of the lights or simulating a presence when no one is home.