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"Little Plus": Little introduces its loyalty program

“Little Plus”: Little introduces its loyalty program

Little new. As of October 20, the Hard Discount Group will offer an unprecedented loyalty program in its French stores. Called “Little Plus” it will allow customers to avail store discounts and other offers.

Built around the free app that can now be downloaded, Little Plus completes year-round offers.

To benefit from this loyalty program, all you have to do is download the application form and select the country and the relevant store. Customers will then be offered various discounts.

Until now, Little has not offered any loyalty plan because its business strategy has consistently been low-cost.

However, after conducting a survey, France decided to integrate itself with its competitors, 95% of consumers have at least one loyalty plan.

At the same time, this marketing strategy is meant to transform Little, which seems to be moving away from its “hard discount” image by delivering products in line with traditional distribution.

To promote Little Plus to as many people as possible, Little also wants to undertake the first marketing activity with singer Kentzi Zirak. At risk, 1,000 concert tickets would have to be won as part of his tour across France.

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