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Little known abdominal exercise is fun and relieves stress

Little known abdominal exercise is fun and relieves stress

There are two problems that many of us face after the holidays. First and foremost is to return home and get used to it. Beaches or mountains and their tranquility greet each other. Relaxation is over and you return to the stress of everyday life and work. The second problem we have to deal with online. We may have freed ourselves exactly during this period. We left the food and allowed ourselves to overeat. On the other hand, you will also take a cooking trip when you move to new places. Now, we need to get back in shape and face the return to everyday life in the best possible way. But what if there is a way to solve both problems at once? Little known abdominal exercise here delights and relieves stress.

Art teaches us

We are not talking about art as you think. ThisMartial arts, We get inspiration from this. If you look at athletes who dedicate themselves to these few categories, we see slim physique. In particular, a flat stomach and sculpted abdomen. Also, we know that these games release a lot of tension and rebuild the mind and body. Some of these martial arts have a specific aspect. It’s about using your feet in battle. We find these athletes delivering fast and powerful kicks. We think the legs make the difference in movement. In fact it is not like that. Encouraging these techniques is the abdomen. This is exactly where we get our inspiration from.

Little known abdominal exercise is fun and relieves stress

So let’s see what we can do to defeat the tension and get back in shape at the same time.

Let’s get to the position: hands close to body, one foot in front and one foot behind. We kick with the foot and begin to rotate the waist. We put the leg forward and then start a kick with the other foot. The main thing is to fully rotate the waist with each kick. By doing this cycle we will activate the abdomen strongly. This way, we will train them thoroughly. That is, we induce both forward and oblique. We continue the movement for one minute and then catch up for another minute. This technique, due to its power, also allows us to get rid of stress. So if you do this exercise you will get double results. Perhaps, after the first few times, we will try to increase the speed further.

It is advisable to do this exercise as soon as you wake up in the morning. The reason we explained so well in the article is the best way to burn fat during training.

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