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Learning to read the piano: It is also possible through an application

Learning to read the piano: It is also possible through an application


Learning to read the piano: It is also possible through an application

If you want to learn the piano, you can do so through the app. All three applications are particularly relevant.

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Updated: 04/17/2021 – 7:51 pm

If you have decided to learn piano, you can download an app. Here you can see what applications can be used to do this.

The piano is a complex but very popular instrument. Many people like to play one or the other. If a classical music school is too expensive for you, you may come back with solid alternatives. If you have made up your mind Piano To To learn, Then there is ApplicationsIt is possible. In the following we will introduce you to three applications and tell you what they can do.

Learn the Piano: This is made possible by these applications

Anyone who has seen a piano concert will soon notice that the musician plays very carefully and elegantly at the same time. There is a lot of work, training and self-discipline behind this. But even in the beginning they can teach themselves this tool. Music schools or teachers are usually relatively expensive, which is why you may want to switch to other alternatives. If you want to learn the piano, you can start by downloading an app on your tablet or smartphone. These applications are particularly useful and practical:

# 1 Simply piano

The piano application is simply piano (link iOS And Android) Is one of the most popular applications from Joy Tunes when learning to play the piano. The first plus point here is that the app is free for iOS and Android devices. It is mainly aimed at beginners and tries to reveal the most important things about the piano. Those who have already mastered the basics can book a premium subscription, but the free version is enough to learn to read the piano.

# 2 Floggy

The next application is called flogy (link to it) iOS And Android) And for beginner and advanced users. With the beginner syllabus you can first learn the basics and then intensify your exercises from over 1,500 songs. If this is not enough for you, you can take a premium subscription so you can access more content. If you want to learn piano, this app is also great. IOS and Android owners can also download and use this app.

# 3 Piano Academy

Another Alternative Yogi’s Piano Academy (link to this) iOS And Android). Like the two applications mentioned above, it is very suitable for beginners. Here, too, the basics are taught to you step by step so that you can learn to play the piano relatively quickly with a lot of practice and diligence. It doesn’t matter if you have an iOS or Android device. The application works with two operating systems.

Conclusion: All applications are equally good

If you want to learn piano with the application, the above three applications are suitable. They are all free and available for both collection systems. This can be used to take the first steps on the piano initially. There are other tool applications that you can try. These three free music apps are solid Spotify alternatives.

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