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Leaked on the Frontline App, live here from 7pm!

Leaked on the Frontline App, live here from 7pm!

Ubisoft coming soon Ghost Recon: Frontline Publisher Report a leak on its Ubisoft Friend Connect app.

However, there is already a preview (Via RedditUnder the highlights, this gives hope for an early announcement. The first details about the game are coming around, indicating a departure from the open world genre. A coupe mode is also speculated.

If these details are correct, Ghost Recon: Frontline A linear shooter again from first person view as last time Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Anyway, Ubisoft will be the refreshing “new” one in the universe, after all the brands have recently switched to the open world category, albeit appropriately.

The announcement is probably tonight

That’s a new announcement Ghost ReconThe game is coming soon, guessed for a few days. However, the leak in the Ubisoft Connect app significantly emphasizes the whole thing, which is why you should keep your eyes open.

Graphic, which refers to beta testing, otherwise revealing, with it Ghost Recon: Frontline Let’s try again for a real current system. Besides an off-road vehicle and a helicopter, it also has a drone, which is suitable for today. The structure is difficult to assess, as it is located in mountainous areas again.

Possible expression Ghost Recon: Frontline The live broadcast of the series’ 20th anniversary celebrations will take place from 7 p.m. However, a “special surprise” is planned for this and a direct reference to a new project is mentioned, as it says in the description:

“Get ready to meet the people behind the franchise, listen to the legends, get the prizes and a special surprise … the global launch of the brand new Ghost Recon project.”

Official information coming soon Ghost Recon: Frontline Are available, you can find out about them with us here. We have already integrated the stream here.

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