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Leak Rainbow Six Isolation: 5 Minutes T Game Play D'Uyen Mission D Extraction |  Xbox One

Leak Rainbow Six Isolation: 5 Minutes T Game Play D’Uyen Mission D Extraction | Xbox One

After the first few days gros leak An hour-long game Isolation of the Rainbow River, A new video is coming out on the internet which allows us to know a little more about the game which has not been officially released yet.

An Extraction Task in Rainbow Six Isolation

If the title of Ubisoft is still a mystery, the publisher has not released many elements about it Notice trailer, Part of an extraction process that leaked on YouTube today. We will first find out how to make equipment by selecting gadgets, grenades and weapons before going into operation. Immersed in a closed building infested with human figures and contaminated dog breeds, the player must take the operators to a point on the ground to retrieve them from the area and recover. Once the last of the three NPCs is recovered, the task is completed and the player collects rewards.

If Rainbow Six Isolation does not have a release date yet, we can legally doubt that the game will be released soon due to recent leaks. However, if you & # 39; re impatient to immerse yourself in this new FPS, thank you for the first step of the license. Siege of the rainbow river It is available Xbox Game Boss Console.

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