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Lazio a lot of the best players

Lazio a lot of the best players

The long-awaited football simulator was released in FIFA 22 stores today, so it also revealed the ratings of various players. In Serie A, Zero Immobile stands out among the best players, with a total score of 87, below Milkowicz 85, on par with Dipala and Schsezny. But Lazio is still in first place: Luis Alberto has 84 points overall, while Acerp is trailing by 83 points. Here is the complete list.

87 Paulo Typhos (Juventus), Vojche Chesni (Juventus), Ciro Immobile (Logio)


85 Matthijs de Ligt (Juventus), Lautaro Martinez (Inter), Sergey MilinkovicThe key (Lazio), Stephen de Vrij (Inter), Leonardo Ponusi (Juventus)

84 Theo Hernandez (Milan), Niccol ப Parela (Inter), Mike Miknon (Milan), Frank Kessick (Milan), Louis Alberto (Lazio), Marcelo Prosovic (Inter), Josip Ilikik (Atlanta), Tris Mertens (Napoli), Slaton Ibrahimovic (Milan)

83 Federico Cesa (Juventus), Arthur (Juventus), Robin Cosense (Atlanta), Alvaro Morata (Juventus), Leonardo Spinozola (Rome), Alex Santro (Juventus), Costas Manola (Napoli), Duane (Milan), Henrik Migitaran (Rome), Juan Guillermo Quadrato (Juventus), Francesco Acerby (Lazio), Edin Diego (Inter)

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