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Lab Zero closes 505 uninterrupted production after closure

Lab Zero closes 505 uninterrupted production after closure

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As you may recall, Lab Zero Games – Rear Studio Indestructible And Skullgirls – Dismissed the remaining employees last month.

So, what does the undivided future mean? An ad from its publisher 505 Games will not produce much on the game. Guest characters and backer characters are no longer added to the game.

On the switch front, there will be another update to keep this version compatible with other platforms:

There is an update for the Nintendo Switch that has already been submitted. It adds Rajmi Challenges, New Game + and Coach Co-op to the Nintendo Switch. That update brings all platforms to the same level of development and provides a complete gaming experience for all current and future players. It will be released later this month from October 13th and will be released to other regions.

505 hopes to have a “small batch” of North American physical switch cartridges available at selected retailers in November and will share more information about this soon.

In The second half of September, A team of former Lab Zero developers set up a new employee-owned collaborative studio called Future Club.

You can read the full statement of 505 games on its official website and learn more about Individual FAQ. How do you feel about this news? Tell us below.

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