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Konami is considering renewing other licenses ...

Konami is considering renewing other licenses …

In recent times, Konami has been making headlines about reclaiming some of these primary licenses, especially through its “credit” to other development studios …

The first officer to disembark Ketzufumaden: to reduce the moon, A Rogue Light created by an independent studio Guru Guru. What is special about this title is that it was published exclusively on Fomicom and never crossed the borders of Japan.

So the original game though Ketchup Fuma Ten Not necessarily, it clearly shows the option to revoke Gonami’s licenses, and this topic will be the primary in a long series… Other surprises are coming! However, this emerges from an interview between JPGMS and Konami’s Shin Murato.

“We are constantly inspired by many independent topics, how they manage to deliver new gaming experiences. We had the feeling that Ketchup Fuma Ten would be an interesting license to bring back, with this” indie “approach, which is why we decided to contact the guru we already know.”

“They tried a new graphic approach to the title, and we’ve seen it go better with this license. The fact that fans of the original game are part of the gurus team has helped a lot. As for other collaborations, similar projects can be expected very soon!”

None of these other projects, but we remind you that Konami recently updated the brands Fort And The iron gear rises. Konami has officially announced on her Twitter account that although they will not be participating in E3 this year, they still have some good surprises to announce … we are only asking for it!

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Which license (s) would you like to revisit?