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Kirby and the Forgoten Land are rated ESRB • Nintendo Connect

Kirby and the Forgoten Land Nintendo Switch Coming March 25 • Nintendo Connect

Fights Kirby and the Forgotten Land Explore a mysterious world against a herd of beasts and save the Waddle Dees! The game for the Nintendo Switch will be released on March 25th. You can watch the latest trailer of the game here:

Kirby meets new and familiar faces, picks up bad villains and explores colorful 3D locations. Two Players: Inside can play together on the journey of the pink hero and there is a free background image download for the 30th anniversary of the Kirby series.

In celebration of Kirby’s 30th birthday, Nintendo has put a little surprise on all of the bully hero’s friends. On the website You can download free wallpaper.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Received age assessment from ESRB in November 2021. So it was only a matter of time before Nintendo told us when the new adventure of the Pink Hero – March 25, 2022 – could begin.

In his new job, too, Kirby is soaking up a lot of talent – and he needs them more than ever. Because after being trapped in a mysterious, unknown country, he has to find his friends who kidnapped Wadil Dees by a herd of villainous beasts. During the subsequent rescue operation, he enlists the support of Elphilin, who is eager to meet him in this new world.

Along with Kirby, the warriors wander into a mysterious world in which nature nurtures much of the remnants of a past civilization. Many operating system challenges await them in different parts of the forgotten land. To fight the enemies and go to the living 3D worlds, they can use the various abilities of Kirby. At the end of each level, you must release the captive vodka tea. So to save as much as possible, every corner should be thoroughly explored.

The set of beasts presents a real challenge to the players. Fortunately, Kirby has added new copying capabilities in addition to its classic capabilities: Drill and Explorer Skills. Piercing allows him to penetrate the ground and attack his opponents with a powerful blow from below. When Kirby uses Explorer capability, his opponents will see more and more stars. Because with her he could target her from a great distance.

Kirby does not have to face these and other dangers alone. As a Waddle-Dee assistant, the second Nintendo Switch fan can come up with Sphere Hero and make various attacks using his spear. To play together, the two adventurers can share the joy-con on the console inside.

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land Players also get to know the city of Waddle Dee, which serves as a focal point for adventure. Depending on the number of Waddle Dees recovered it continues to grow and gradually awakens from its deep sleep. The shops are open and if you like, you can enjoy some of the city dwellers’ favorite games. Kirby is also asked to help at Waddle Dee Café. The happier the guests, the more points they can collect. The Waddle Dee Scholar can also be found in the city. He helps Kirby fans with valuable tips. They can access game data from around the world via the Internet and, for example, find out how many Waddle Dees have already been recovered and what is currently Kirby’s most popular copy machine. Internet access, Nintendo account and active Nintendo Switch online membership are required to use the online function.

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