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Kensington UH1400P Review: All-in-One USB-C Hub

Kensington UH1400P Review: All-in-One USB-C Hub

With a credit card (5.2 cm) and a length of 10.5 cm, the Kensington UH1400P is thick enough to integrate with the RJ45 port (1.2 cm). The generously long USB-C cable (22 cm) is unfortunately not detachable or twisted.
The metal shell is embellished with a plastic insert in the RJ45 socket and the gray color is reminiscent of Apple MacBooks.

The connector has two USB ports and an SD / MicroSD card reader on one side. On the other hand, we see the HDMI port, the USB port and the USB-C power delivery port. The RJ45 port located on the opposite end of the USB cable completes this connection.

We will now describe the standards that are compatible with these ports. USBs reach the USB 3.2 standard (5 Gb / s) theoretically 600 MB / s. The card reader is UHS-1 standard, so it should reach 104 MB / s. HDMI port announced by Kensington. HDMI 2.0 port, so 4K resolution should be supported at 60 Hz. The RJ45 port gigabit standard should therefore be close to 120 MB / s; Enough to make full use of the fiber connection. Finally, the USB-C power delivery port supports charging up to 85 W, for example, to operate Ultraportable properly.

After demanding the Kensington Center for a very long time, the path leading to the heat camera reveals a temperature of less than 39 C. Nothing to worry about, because the crust is warm to the touch, but not hot.