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Kenshi Attack Version 1.3 Detail + New Trailer

Kenshi Attack Version 1.3 Detail + New Trailer

Jenshi’s impact celebrates a new year in a vibrant world of misery. With an epoch-making trailer, developer miHoYo Genshine joins the attacking version 1.3 (see above). All travelers are invited to join in the celebration of the Lantern Festival, one of Liu’s oldest traditions.

Travelers will be able to discover more of Liu’s rich history and culture, as well as plenty of resources for future adventures. An update to Jenshin Impact for version 1.3 is scheduled for February 3rd.

Also “lights are on”

In the upcoming season ad, which comes with version 1.3, travelers will take part in the Lantern Ceremony, Liu’s New Year’s celebration. Travelers can fully enjoy this ancient tradition by helping the people of Liu with various preparations for the celebrations and discovering a final ceremony held on the night of the first full moon of the year.

During the ceremony, each person’s wishes are carried in numerous lights that illuminate the night sky. Meanwhile, Liu’s bustling streets include food stalls and festive activities exclusive to the lighting ceremony, including a new strategic mini-game, Theater of Devices.

Xiao, the defense Yaksha, will join as the new 5 star character in this game. With his polarity and animo power, Xiao is a stormy skilled warrior, whose special ability inflicts the most damage on him, while constantly using his life points. During the Lantern Ceremony, travelers have the opportunity to come with Xiao one day in the life of Liu’s bodyguard and get a rare glimpse into his life in the solitude of the last thousand years.

Along with the lights in this ritual, the wishes of the people fly in the night sky of the deity.

Jenshin Impact Version 1.3 Rewards

1.3 Activities There will be plenty of resources and rewards to prepare travelers for another year of adventure in DeWitt. During the Lantern Ceremony, travelers can receive a free Intervone Fade × 10 with daily registration incentives, as well as more than 1,600 other resources, including Primal Rocks and Wisdom Crown, by completing other festive tasks. It also offers travelers the opportunity to choose a free 4-star image from Liu to add to their group.

New customization functions and further updates will be introduced in the upcoming version. The manual will be expanded to include information on found creatures and defeated enemies. Passengers can display up to eight characters on their profile screen. Finally, a new tool called parameter converter can be created, which will make the excess resources useful.

This is Jenshi’s impact

As a free-to-play game, Kenshi’s Impact takes players to the breathtaking scenery of Divat, where the seven gods rule the seven elements. Players slip into the role of a mysterious “traveler” searching for answers in order to find lost relatives and uncover the last secrets hidden in this world.

As a warrior, you can explore two of the seven major cities of the deity, namely Moon City and Liu. Each city has a unique cultural environment, its own backgrounds and interesting surroundings. All kinds of creatures, enemies, puzzles, hidden treasures are everywhere. While the content already offers several hours of game time, developer miHoYo has already promised more cities, more plot, characters and seasonal ads for the future.

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