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Kedir, Cashew, Gorillas ... these online sites will deliver groceries within fifteen minutes

Kedir, Cashew, Gorillas … these online sites will deliver groceries within fifteen minutes

Over the years, you have become accustomed to the neon colors of Uber Eats, Rockets and Delivery’s delivery men on the streets of Lily. Now it’s time for drivers and delivery people of home shopping delivery sites: red from cashew, yellow from purple and black from gorilla. The concept of these new sites is very simple, do your shopping in three clicks from your phone and get your order in a quick time.

The policy is broadly the same for all three sites we offer you. All you need is your smartphone, select your products in the application, order and get your groceries at the door of your apartment or house in a few minutes.

Founded in February 2021 after prison, the young French brand is not even a year old, but has incredible dynamics. Lily Currently, Cashew has been running with us for a few months now and promises to deliver your groceries within fifteen minutes.

Delivery can be made through the App from 8am to midnight on weekdays and from 2am on weekends. In Kaju, we offer “A wide selection of everyday products and exclusive selection of secret French brands“And”A mix from your supermarket, your local caterer, the bakery you want ”, Can we read in the press release?

On stage you will find unusual products such as board games, kitchen utensils and surgical masks, which can be useful for adjustment at unexpected times. It’s not just cheese, vegetables and starch Dark shop Lily Nation is located.

Cashew distribution males enter only Lily and the following districts: Weeks-Lily, Wajems, Moulins and Vapan Esquormes. For residents living beyond the ring road, you will have to wait in front of your door to see the red uniforms of cashew drivers. For others, count the delivery costs of € 1.95, which is free from the 30 purchased on the platform.

To download the app, go to Website.

Coming from Turkey, Ketir began its distribution service in several European countries before landing in France in June 2021. For a few weeks in Lille, the Turkish brand offers “Choice of the most popular brands from laundry to dog food, including chips, fruits and vegetables, nearly 1,500 products“, Explains the service. You have to check at least 10 euros for delivery to your home. As for the delivery service, it is from 9am to 11pm daily. Due to its recent arrival in the metropolis, Kedir does not pay any delivery cost to its customers.

Getir’s ambition is to deliver everyday products to its customers at competitive prices with very fast delivery in minutes. You may have already seen the brand’s delivery men traveling through Lily, with scooters and electric bicycles. Kedir insists that these drivers will benefit from CDI and “High quality safety gear“.

The capital of Flanders is currently the only city concerned with distribution activities. According to the company’s communications department, possible expansions to other cities in the metropolis are under study.

To download the app, go to Website.

  • Black Black, Gorilla

We already mentioned that when the German Gorillas operating system was launched in July.

But as a reminder, Gorillas has been operating in Lille since summer and offers a list of nearly 2,000 notes stored in a dark store located at the end of the Rue Pierre-Mauroy.

Each ride on Gorillas includes a delivery rate of € 1.80. For now, the German brand restricts its distribution to a lily area separated by a ring road, excluding Fives, Helms and Looms from the scope of action of the site’s CDI providers.

To download the app, go to Website.

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