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Comune cava de tirreni

Kawa de Tirani, very serious financial situation. The city sends shortages to citizens

Kawa D ‘Threni. “Data from the 2020 Management Report sent to the Municipal Councilors illustrate the very dire financial situation”. This was stated by the chairman of the committee and the municipal councilors of Siamo Cavaci Vincenzo Pasha, Rafael Giordano and Marcello Murolo. According to the opposition, the situation is likely to worsen in the future “because there is not enough room for maneuver to change the course of the budget quickly”.

This situation – the directors add – has a direct effect, among other things, on the proper assessment of expected revenue, which is not subject to revision. The only possible explanation, in this way, is that in 2020, the year of the municipal election, the Sarwali administration was able to use the seats spent, otherwise it can not be disposed of, it will have to face the electoral competition “downloading the deficit on the citizens”.

We are of the opinion that at this time, there is only one solution to avoid even worse problems. “Deficit structure. There are no alternatives: the mayor must be responsible for more than six years of administration and he must begin a multi-year financial restructuring process to avoid further damage to the city. Scholars of the civic movement know that this is a serious step, but if it is not accepted, it could lead to a future municipal financial crisis. They also know that there is a risk of declaring the status quo.

Board of Directors “We Kavesi”
Vincenzo Pasha, Rafael Giordano and Marcello Murolo

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