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Jupiter's big red dot extends deep into the atmosphere

Jupiter’s big red dot extends deep into the atmosphere

© NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Gerald Eichstädt

Of Thursday Has an impressive appearance. A special feature is his Large red dot (GRF). This is a much higher pressure area than our Earth (approx 16,000 kilometers)

The Juno spacecraft was able to fly over the GRF in 2017 and 2019. From the data, scientists have now calculated that the area extends even deeper into the planet’s atmosphere than previously thought. So he is up 500 kilometers Deep.

Up to a depth of 500 km

First measurements 2017 GRF probably showed 322 kilometers Deep. It would have been on a much larger scale. For comparison: the Mariana Trench, the deepest point of the oceans on Earth, approx 11 kilometers.

Now a team Wiseman Institute of Science in Israel Make the most accurate measurements. A complex test was performed for this purpose: Juno passed the GRF twice and was able to do so Gravity Measure. These data were with Microwave measurements Together since 2017. They showed the storm Minimum 300 and maximum 500 kilometers Deep.

Jet streams raise questions

These are the most accurate measurements GRF has ever made. However, they also raise questions compared to some Jet streams On Thursday, 500 kilometers are small. Let’s go up 3,000 kilometers Be deep. Researchers have not yet been able to explain this difference because there must be some kind of barrier that stops GRF at a depth of 500 kilometers.

On Earth, both jet streams can be found in the other Feral cells On the contrary, one of them is in Europe. There the west wind blows in the direction of the poles and east. With the new data, researchers were able to prove for the first time that Jupiter is now on the planet 16 There are such circulating cells.

Earth has 2 ferral cells and Jupiter has 16 cells

Feral cells on gas planets

Why they exist is now a mystery because having a solid surface on Earth is a prerequisite for feral cells. But Thursday a Cosplanet So there is no solid surface. So it is not yet clear how deep the cells reach there.

“Jupiter’s magnetic field can do the same thing as Earth. That way it can create a boundary for the cells. ” Karen Duer And Nimrod GavrielMembers of the study team. While some questions are still open, the measurements could provide new insights into Jupiter’s climate. All the results of the research were released Science Journal.

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