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Jungkook and Lee YuBi deny they are in a relationship

A YouTuber said that Jung and Lee Yup are in a relationship.

Recently, a YouTuber raised the suspicion that Junk and Lee Yup are dating. His claim is that the two stars first met in 2018 and recently started dating.

YouTube’s claims can be summarized in five points. First, Lee said he was a fan of Jupiter and often used purple hearts in his posts.

Second, on the day Junguk’s self-isolation ended, the actress posted a photo of her out-of-town trip, while Janguk posted the same emoticon on her social media.

Third, both were seen wearing matching sweatshirts and bracelets. His next claim was that Lee Yu P was a man with beautiful eyes and masculine charm, and that Junguk’s birthday September was his favorite month. Finally, he used the evidence that Janguk’s brother and Yubi’s sister followed each other on social media.

However, what he said was highly unlikely because all the “evidence” he presented was unsubstantiated. But unfortunately his video went viral very fast.

Jungkook and Lee YuBi deny they are in a relationship

To make matters worse, this YouTuber has spread various rumors about K-pop stars. Including BTS, until V decides to lay charges against him.

Shortly after his claims surfaced online, both stars expressed frustration at his ridiculous claims. Representatives of Janguk and Lee Yu Pi’s agencies said they had contacted the Korean media: “This is not entirely true.”