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June 4 and 5, Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3 Maintenance End Time for 2022 - Breakflip

June 4 and 5, Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3 Maintenance End Time for 2022 – Breakflip

Maintenance for season 3 on Fortnite is currently underway, but when will it end and when will the new season be available?

Season 3 of Chapter 3 begins this Sunday, June 5th Fortnight ! As with every season, many new features come into the game with a new theme. Including a number of elements that will be added this season New weapons And a New map.

Before approaching this new season, a maintenance takes place on the game for deployment Fortnight patch 30.00. But how soon will this new season end? According to Datamineers, the game servers may not be back until 2pm!

When will Fortnite Season 3 maintenance end?

A Maintenance is currently underway Launched at Fortnight Game Season 3 ! While this maintenance process is in progress it is not possible to launch Fortnite as the servers are offline for all players. But How long Can I restart the game?

If Epic Games is not involved in this matter, the Datamines believe it The game will return in French at 2 p.m., Because it’s time to implement the new lobby. As a reminder, here’s how seasons usually go:

  • Sunday, June 5, 2022: 9am to 10pm, Epic Games releases event trailers on YouTube
  • Sunday, June 5, 2022: From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the epic games maintenance ends, there is no set time

If we get new information about the end of maintenance, we will let you know in this article!

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