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Joy-Khan drag: Tone rises at European level against Nintendo and its switch

Joy-Khan drag: Tone rises at European level against Nintendo and its switch

Consumer associations from 9 European countries are joining Brussels to open an investigation into the continued malfunction of the Nintendo Switch controllers, the Joy-Con slip.

After complaining of a planned lawsuit against Nintendo in France, the UFC-Q Choisir, along with eight European consumer associations that are part of the BEUC (European Consumer Associations), warns the European Commission about the popular Joy-Con glide. In Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal and the Netherlands, a total of more than 25,000 pieces of consumer evidence of this design defect have been identified at Joy-Con. In 25% of the affected soldiers, the defect occurred after less than 6 months of use of restraints. 60% of fractures occurred in the first year.

“Consumers believe that the products they buy will last a reasonable amount of time and do not have to pay for expensive replacements due to technical shortcomings. Nintendo now needs to come up with solutions for the thousands of consumers affected by this problem. BEUC Director General Monique Cohen.

That’s what the system asks In a letter to the European Commission To deal with this problem as soon as possible and to open a European-wide inquiry into this frequent breakdown. Furthermore, he believes that Brussels will oblige Nintendo to ask customers to repair their controllers for free, to communicate about Joy-Khan’s relative weakness and, above all – to implement changes aimed at improving the reliability of these products.

Known causes of malfunction

Note that UFC-Q Choisir conducted independent laboratory experiments in France. They revealed real weaknesses in the design of Joy-Khan’s analog sticks, and showed that no changes were made in the components to prevent this phenomenon from occurring. “There are two reasons for the appearance of failure (printed): premature wear of the printed circuits; seal defect causing a worrying amount of debris and dust inside the joystick”, Consumer Association explained. However, even if this malfunction is reported, “The Japanese giant is[it] Chose not to interfere with these failed components. “. This investigation should prompt the Kyoto team.

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