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Joy-Con Drift: Nintendo Switch also talks about LED issues

Image: Nintendo

In a blog post titled “Ask the Developer”, Nintendo introduces the new model Know And Invisible differences He also talked about the well-known problem between Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED, especially “Joy-Con Drift”.

Joy-con drift is a problem that creates static and unwanted entries via the analog stick of the Joy-con controller, even if the user does not touch it. For example, the game pieces move even when the analog stick is in its infancy. The problem mainly occurs after prolonged use. Nintendo has not yet commented on the issue, but in a blog post, Go Shioda, head of Nintendo’s hardware division, and Doru Yamashita, deputy general manager of technology development, are now apparently resolving the issue – the player with the smallest positive results for them.

Analog sticks are constantly being improved

The parts of the analog stick are constantly being improved and the appearance and workings of the switch are constantly being improved. Although the first model passed the analog stick tests, it was rotated in a circle with constant pressure, and as tested on the Wii U Camped, the analog sticks were analyzed by users to reduce wear and tear and durability. To increase. In addition, this test has been modified to suit the actual use of the players. From the outside, these upgrades of Joy-Khan, repeated, could not be seen, according to Nintendo. They also flowed into the Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

Depreciation and tears are unavoidable

At the same time, Nintendo acknowledges that depreciation is inevitable because parts of the analog stick are in physical contact. The electrical contacts and springs on the analog stick will wear out over time, so unintended inputs will be recognized. Life and usability should weigh in on each other, an area where Nintendo wants to achieve further improvements. The Nintendo Switch OLED now uses the latest version of the analog stick, which includes all the improvements made so far. It is now also used in the newly provided Switch, Switch Light and Pro controllers.

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Particularly affected

The problem with Joy-Con Drift affects not only Nintendo, but all console and controller manufacturers, but is particularly pronounced with the switch. It is not clear why this is particularly badly affected, but the construction may be due to Nintendo’s use of relatively short analog sticks.