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Jessica Selassié "Alessandro? He's vague, he dances hard and looks at me ..." / Princess Passionov 'dies'

Jessica Selassié “Alessandro? He’s vague, he dances hard and looks at me …” / Princess Passionov ‘dies’

Jessica Selassie, Chatting with his friend Manuel Portusso Al Big Brother VIP, He engaged in some consideration of his relationship Alessandro Passiano, Is more and more the protagonist inside the house and above all his friend is always close Sophie Cotconi. The two, day by day, continue their acquaintance and are very impressed with each other, although Genoese entrepreneurs do not hate the presence of other women including Solail and Jessica in the project.

In this regard, Selassie said he was confused by some of his behavior, highlighting some ambiguities: “I feel it is a bit vague,” he told Manuel. “The truth is, he also likes to be teased. Yesterday we all saw the example of how he danced so hard with Soleil. For example he was more involved in dancing with the sun than I had ever seen with Sophie.

Jessica Selassie, Alessandro Pacchiano fight and make peace with Sophie

Jessica Selassie Big Brother is one of the most beloved characters in this edition of Vip, and it is no coincidence that he is forgiven by the immunity recommended by his travel companions. In the last episode that aired on December 27, Jessica had something to say Sophie Cotconi, Because he was close to Alessandro Pacchiano, he turned both heads. Selassie has repeatedly told his friend that he has a particular interest in the newcomer, which is why he felt betrayed when the latter approached him.

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Sophie, in fact, has ended a firm relationship with Gianmaria in order to get closer to Alessandro, and the two become even closer. Many VIPs inside the house, including Soleil, sided with Jessica Selassié in the fight. Two commentators at GF have expressed their opinion: Sonia said that Sophie should be honest with her friend immediately and express her interest in the new Alessandro, while Adriana Wolf pointed the finger at Alessandro. However, after a long time, Jessica seems to have passed it on, but it is not yet clear what turn the relationship with Sophie will take.

Jessica Selassiè, the surprise of her brothers in the last episode

Jessica Selassie As she got older, all the VIPs in the house celebrated with her, and she felt better again because it was the most difficult time for her: she often felt lonely and isolated, and repeatedly asked herself what his role in the house was. Of GF Vip. Another important moment of Monday’s episode was the surprise that her brothers Christian and Clarissa gave to her and Lulu: they went to meet them and encouraged them, and above all assured Jessica that she is very much followed, respected and loved. Clarissa, before saying goodbye, told Jessica not to spoil the beautiful friendship she had with Sophie.

Also, the day after the live broadcast, there seemed to be a clarity between Jessica et Alessandro: He invited her not to think about getting engaged at any cost at home and to enjoy her journey in peace. She said she feels insecure and that her insecurity magnifies when she is rejected by a guy. As the days went by, the long-awaited compromise between Sophie and Jessica finally came. After clearing up misconceptions about their interest in Alessandro, the two Giffina rivals decided to recapture the complicit relationship that had always characterized them, leaving everything behind.

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