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100% Xbox exclusive Starfield, confirmation comes from the most reliable sources - Nert 4.Life

Jason Schreier – Nert 4. According to Life, Starfield is coming out more than people think

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier wanted to put an end to the rumors Release date of Starfield In 2021, people are talking about a launch pad more than they believe. According to his sources, it may even come 2023, As mentioned in another tweet, although it will be higher in late 2022. Schreier usually does not speak randomly, i.e. when he does, he believes he has the right and shareable information (because what he reported does not seem to be false).

Rumors like this continue to circulate about Starfield (Schreier comments on one of the latest rumors about Game Ed), But the truth is, according to many secret sources close to the developer, the game is not over yet. It will be on E3, but the release date they told me was beyond many people’s expectation. I mean this so that people don’t get false expectations.

Not many people know that Bethesda Game Studios, including MD’s Office, all worked until it was launched on Pallwood 76. The Starfield team was very small until 2019. Rumors that they want a game or production scheduled for 2020 are simply not true.

As you can see, Shreyer’s speech came about to comment on another rumor that he wants the game to be ready for a while and to be released in 2021. We’ll have to wait for the E3 2021 to find out the truth, and it’s now almost certain where Microsoft and Bethesda Starfield will deliver, and according to Schreier, a release date will be recommended.

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