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James Webb vs.  Hubble: Compare the evolution of photographs between the two telescopes

James Webb vs. Hubble: Compare the evolution of photographs between the two telescopes

All of James Webb’s photos released in July were already taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. A boon for comparing the evolution of the quality of the displays.

A picture is more valuable than a long text, we sometimes hear. This is true today James Webb. True, a lot has already been said about the new space telescope. for what Check out the first official image of the lab. On that day Its first space mission, on the French side. On that day It is important for astronomical research.

But even without an expert eye in astrophysics, there is also the simple satisfaction of admiring the magnificence of the universe. Enjoy diving in spectacular scenery that displays amazing shapes and colors that lie light years away from us. Sometimes at billion Light years away. Dizzy.

Compare the photos taken by James Webb with those taken by Hubble

To be specially appreciated Photographs by James Webb featured so farYou can go to the site Compare on the web. It allows you to watch the evolution of images from the Hubble Space Telescope. Because James Webb’s admirable scenes had already been photographed by his predecessor. Four panoramas of the universe are thus put into perspective.

At Numerama, we had Two profound images of the universe face to face, which saw an incredible leap forward made possible by new observations. We went to (very) high definition or finally put glasses on our vision to properly see the small details that still elude us.

Key clichés to remember. // Source: NASA

James Webb photos featured so far Deep in the universe, but the remnants of a dying star, the creation rocks (a nickname for the region where stars are born) and a cosmic ballet in many galaxies, are close enough to interact.

The James Webb Space Telescope has gone down in astronomy and world history. This is undeniable. This is only the beginning: his active career is just beginning, that’s for sure The machine will continue to provide valuable data Spectacular wallpapers for astronomers and the general public. The The first images of James Webb are already on the smartphone wallpaper.


Zoom in on the James Webb Telescope // Source: NASA