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Italian physicist among the five leading scientists by nature.  The study of muons and the possibility of a new physics

Italian physicist among the five leading scientists by nature. The study of muons and the possibility of a new physics

Satisfaction of Italian scientists after the Nobel Prize in Physics a Giorgio Parisi They are not finished. There is also the Italian physicist Crosiano Venonzoni, Because they are advancing in the top five scientists to see in 2022 Capable of researching frontiers and opening up entirely new perspectives. Venanzoni, who works in the pizza departmentNational Institute of Atomic Physics (Infn), One of the promoters and co-spokespersons of the experiment conducted by the international collaboration ‘Muon g-2’ in April 2021, which received “the most definitive indication of the possible existence of new physics”. Unexpected phenomenon by current theory of physics, Standard model.

Led by the American Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) and Infn, this collaboration measured properties. Magnetic fields of muons, Electron-like particles, but 200 times more massive, are formed in nature when cosmic rays interact with the Earth’s atmosphere. New data is expected in 2022I, the observations made so far can actually produce even more evidence that an invention is the first discovery that opens the door to new physics.

Another character who can speak in 2022 according to nature is the Nigerian epidemiologist Chikwe Ihekweazu, Listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) following its commitment to establish a Disease Monitoring and Control Center (NCDC) in Nigeria. Today Ihekweazu is the head of the WHO Epidemic Surveillance Service, and artificial intelligence is one of the tools he uses to improve data collection on the Kovit-19 epidemic worldwide. Astronomy Jane Rigby, NASA’s Goddard Space Aviation Center, as Scientific Head of Space Telescope has a lot to do in 2022 James Webb, Hubble’s successor was commissioned to capture images of the first galaxies born after the Big Bang, thanks to sophisticated technology provided by Italy in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency (Asi) and the National Astronomical Institute (Inaf). Geneticist Love Dylan, The Swedish Museum of Natural History has opened a new avenue by acquiring an array of the oldest DNA ever studied. Mammootty Lived 1.65 million years ago; Now it is preparing for new investigations, the results of which may come in 2022. Finally, Chinese politician Xie Zhenhua, China’s representative for COP26 and one of the leaders of the debate on measures in 2022, has high expectations to combat climate change.

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Photo from Infn Facebook profile