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"It would have been nice to have Jean Costex download this, but I'm not sure it's useful for him" - Pledge Times

“It would have been nice to have Jean Costex download this, but I’m not sure it’s useful for him” – Pledge Times

For the President of the Academy of Medicine, Jean-Franకోois Mattai, the Prime Minister was one of the users of the Stopkovid application. He acknowledged that the app was not “awesome”, but said, “It’s an extra way to let people know you’re in a relationship with a positive person.”

“However, it is advisable to download the Gene Costex application [StopCovid] But I do not know if it will be very useful for him. “, Friday, September 25, said Franన్ois Jean-Franకోois Mattai, president of the Academy of Medicine. On Thursday evening, France’s Prime Minister admitted that he had not downloaded a tracking application for a phone called StopCovid.

franceinfo: Why do you say the application is not useful?

Jean-Franois Mattie: For my part, I downloaded it. So far, in a few months, I have never had the slightest warning. Other than that, I know the life of a minister [Jean-François Mattéi a été ministre de la Santé entre 2002 et 2004]. I know you have been surrounded, warned, and all the people who come to see you have been selected and sorted. In addition, Mr. Prudhomme was warned [directeur du Tour de France] Was positive and was immediately placed under quarantine. So it is my opinion that he was protected like the politicians around him. However, as he did elsewhere, I recommend downloading Stopkovid, even if you do not take the Metro, you must enter the field of solidarity and play all the rules of the game.

Is it not for the Prime Minister to give an example?

I will not speak for him. He explained it last night, I think we definitely need to load Stopkovid. I don’t think it’s awesome, but it’s another way to let people know when you’re in a relationship with a positive person. And I think that’s part of the essentials.

We are still against hard work, which means that the digital generation is at least the generation that is directly concerned. [par l’épidémie].Jean-Franకోois Mattai, President of the Academy of MedicineTo Franన్ois

It is true that these generations, especially the elderly, have not been fed up with computers and digital technology.

Does this app still play a role in fighting the virus?

I think so, but in any case I know it will be the first and other tests and we will improve. Naturally, since all principles of ethics are respected over privacy, people need to be familiar with them. National Commission for Informatics and Liberties [CNIL] Gave its approval after the changes. I hope that in the future, this warning method will be developed and learn to use it.

Bars and restaurants in Ix-Marseille and Guadeloupe will be closed tomorrow, are these the right practices, the right actions?

What is one of the definitions of restaurant and bar? This is a convenient place, we are together. This is a place where there are exchanges and hence we talk and this is a place where we are not masked. So expectations, postillions, apparently, are unrestrained and unrestrained. These places are high risk areas, three times the general population in a cafe, twice in a restaurant, so it’s true that this is the first measure. I regret endlessly, that Marcelois is me, but I think it needs to be done, and I hope [les restaurateurs et cafetiers] Will be compensated with their turnover loss. It was a sacrifice they made and not their own choice. They have no reason to pay the price alone for an epidemic that is difficult to control.

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