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It will take time for administrators to fix the error by 2022 (Microsoft)

It will take time for administrators to fix the error by 2022 (Microsoft)

Like in the year 2000. Some IT executives who had taken a winter vacation were a little surprised on the way back to school. A message from Microsoft prompts them to upgrade all Exchange servers on their premises. Although this task can be automated, Microsoft warns that it may take some time for the error to be fully resolved.

Microsoft has released an emergency solution to an issue affecting Exchange Server 2016 and 2019. Error recalling 2000 Affects by delaying or blocking the message sending queue.

This problem is caused by a malware analysis machine that may be in the emails. According to some reports, the engine in question was FIP-FS, with an error due to January 1, 2022. In 2000, a similar error occurred when programmers used only two digits to indicate a date value. So IT systems cannot determine if “00” is 1900 or 2000.

“There’s a problem with the date verification failure with the new year change, which is not a failure of the AV engine (NDR: antivirus),” Microsoft explains. “This is not a malware scan or malware detection engine problem. This is not a security issue. Checking the version performed against the signature file will cause the machine to crash and the messages to crash.

From malfunction to repair

First, the administrators of Microsoft and the forum Technology community Exchange administrators recommend disabling the malware scanning engine and sending emails to block the queue.

“It will take some time to make the necessary changes”

Exchange CommitteeMicrosoft

An effective solution, but not very satisfactory from a security standpoint. Microsoft has released a solution. But its “operation requires actions on the part of the customer; It will take some time to make the necessary changes, download the updated files, and block the queues, ”the editor warns at the Technology Community Forum.

“Even if you do these steps [de correction du bog] Automatically or manually, they must be done on every Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2019 on your company’s frame server. If you use automated scripts, you can run parallel on multiple servers, ”Microsoft added.

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