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Isola Bio Diet Tips: Here are the ingredients mentioned

An important brand had to deal with the inherent food memorabilia in its products. All the details of the case

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Related arrangements Foods They are always consistent and accurate. In the slightest suspicion, all the necessary inquiries are triggered, which often leads Food memory.

They have increased considerably in recent times, testifying to how Ministry of Health I do not want to give up anything regarding the safety of the citizens.

This time this allocation does not matter for a specific chain Supermarkets, But a Distribution stamp, Offers its products at various sales points.

Diet Notes: This is the chain involved in activities

about that Bio Island, As its name implies, specializes in manufacturing and ordering Organic ingredients. There are many references to a well-known brand Soy cream 200 ml, a product sold under the name Abafoods SRL Lot L: 201203 Expires December 3, 2021 Precautionary Reminder is the presence of traces of ethylene oxide in an ingredient (guar gum).

Other note involved When going to Mandorla 250 ml, Production packages 210220 and 210326. The reason for the conclusion is the same as above. The rest of the material, The 1 l of roasted almonds, 210206 and 210401 with expiration dates of February 6, 2022 and April 1, 2022, respectively.

In the same way, the Ministry of Health Ordered to withdraw Peak coconut 1 l. There are many places in it, namely: 201210, 210213, 210223, 210316, 210322. But it does not end there. Mandatory dismissal for 200 ml of coconut cream, Packages 201204, 210227, 210305 and sugar-free coconut juice packages 201123, 201209, 210215, 210222, 210329, 210330.

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This is not going well Cocoa Oats 1L Expires 23 March 2022 210323. In short, a good round of goods, all withdrawn for the same reason. However, at the same time, we should not get caught up in excessive caution.

Only specified locations should be avoidedEveryone else has no problem. If you find the products listed, you should read a lot of numbers to avoid any problems.