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Isn’t the Ultimate to operate the switch at 60fps?  Millennium Pokemon

Isn’t the Ultimate to operate the switch at 60fps? Millennium Pokemon

It looks like Sonic Colors: Ultimate In form Nintendo Switch I will not reach 60 frames per second. The hypothesis is formed from a clue, or rather, due to the lack of detail from the Nintendo video compared to the compiled video Sega.

They were out recently Game Views Related to the title of the famous hedgehog. Tells some features of this new version of the launched game Nintendo Wii, Does not emphasize whether they are specific to one or more sites, they will land next September 7. Well, in the last few hours Big N has shared the same type of video in his video YouTube channel, Makes some significant changes.

Describes the technical properties of sonic colors: Ultimate, words are actually removed 4K Resolution, As expected, will give the hybrid console hardware limitations, but not only. Removal is a reference for 60 fps, which suggests it may be on the switch Can’t go beyond 30 fps.

This hypothesis is hard to refute, at least until you can try the game by hand for hours long enough to evaluate its performance. Sonic Colors: Ultimate is part of Sega’s efforts to celebrate its logo. There is a place for these A new game Expected for 2022.

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