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Will the iPhone 13 charge more and faster?  |  Face ID on Mac?

Is there anything wrong with the iPod Pro soon? | Is the iPhone buzz over?


Daybreak AppleIs there anything wrong with the iPod Pro soon? | Is the iPhone buzz over? | Instagram Fixed on iPhone 13 – Daybreak Apple

Good morning everyone! Apple introduced the iPhone 13 to its stores last Friday. During this launch ceremony, during those years, weekly, countless disciples paid homage to their apple-shaped statue regardless of wind and weather. In addition, we provide you with new, vibrant details for young pilots. Welcome to the morning overview.

Meanwhile, the iPhone release often happens in a very vague way. If Apple were to actually offer its own car one day, there might be camps in front of the dealer again, but for now, the pictures of the long queues in front of the company’s sales outlets are reminiscent of a stir that bothered a few. Contemporaries at the time. Over the weekend you can read an interview on with someone who made his bed in front of the Apple Store. We talked to him about what it was like when the new iPhone came out and what Apple can expect in its view of the future today. Click here for the interview.

Is the iPod Pro a little tweaked?

A leaker recently made an interesting prediction. This affects the future models of the iPad Pro. Apple can really come up with an alignment to use in landscape and portrait format, You can read more details here.

More and more apps are taking full advantage of iOS 15

In the weekend edition of AppSalat, we explained how the apps Things 3, PCalc and Yoink were last updated by their developers to take full advantage of the new features of iOS 15. You can read the details here.

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Instagram Fixed an audio issue on the iPhone 13

Instagram has noticed a bug with the latest update of its use for iOS, which has led to the stories being silent on the network, More here.

Long Flies: New DJI Mavic 3 Pro

A new generation of DJI drones want to take more sharp pictures, while allowing them to stay in the air for a while, Here are the details for you.

Microsoft Introduces New Surface Devices

Finally the new devices provided by Microsoft – tablets, notebooks and a smartphone – or something like that – are fully Apple-compatible but interesting. You can read the summary of the surface event here Of the Windows company.

So I want a relaxed start to Monday now, you know: Monday is always like Monday.

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