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Is the Sun Point Threatening the Earth?

Is the Sun Point Threatening the Earth?

A gigantic, terrestrial sunspot was spotted in our starry sun. As it continues to grow day by day, will it endanger our planet?

Named casually “AR3038”, it was a large sunspot facing the Earth that continued to grow until it doubled in size in a few days. This kind of phenomenon, at first glance, is very worrying in the event of a solar flare. But science wants to assure us that “getting to the surface as part of the natural evolution of the lifespan of sunspots can take weeks – even months”. Future science. What exactly should we expect with this stain?

Solar eruption

Be sure that this stain does not distort the earth. Similar events have been seen for many years, and yet we are here. The potential risk of this type of event increases as the point grows, and the larger it is, the greater the risk of sunlight. If such an event occurs, the satellites could be damaged and disturbed in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Large solar dot group AR3038 filmed through a brief suction hole in the clouds this afternoon. AR3038 levels have doubled in the last 24 hours!

—David Hoskin (@d_hoskin) June 20, 2022

For example, in March 1989, a solar storm disrupted the Earth’s magnetic field and plunged six million people into darkness in Canada. “In a minute, Quebec lost half of its power generation, and the rest of the network could not withstand such a shock – it caused a blackout,” it said. Radio-Canada.

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10% risk

Some scientists estimate the risk of this stain to be only 10%. FuturaSciences refers to a number that can reach 30% during moderate sunlight. Sunspots such as the AR3038 are common at this time in the Sun’s rotation. Being in moderation, it poses no particular danger to our beloved blue planet at present.