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Will the iPhone 13 charge more and faster?  |  Face ID on Mac?

Is the new MacBook Air not available until the end of 2022? | MacBook Pro 2021: Specifications Discovered in Beta


Daybreak AppleIs the new MacBook Air not available until the end of 2022? | MacBook Pro 2021: Specifications Discovered in Beta | IPhone 13 Pro: Only 120 Hz Allows Third-Party Applications – Apple

good morning! Unlike the MacBook Pro, the next update to the MacBook Climb is not expected until the end of 2022. In addition, the beta revealed what specifications the MacBook Pro 2021 might have. Additionally, third-party providers of applications must first obtain approval from Apple for a 120 Hz upgrade rate for the iPhone 13 Pro. Welcome to our overview in the morning.

Is the new MacBook Air not available until the end of 2022?

According to a well-known analyst, Apple will not launch the new generation of MacBook Air until the end of 2022. A possible design update is planned for this, in which the new design is based on the design of the iMac 2021. But a new chip can be installed on the new MacBook Air. You can find more information about this here Here.

MacBook Pro 2021: Specifications Discovered in Beta

Even before the new MacBook was officially released, Apple was already revealing its specifications. These were discovered in the latest beta of Magos Montreux. This is the resolution for the two new models of the MacBook Pro, and more Here.

Third-party providers are required to obtain permission from Apple for applications with 120 Hz

Finally, the iPhone offers a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz. Apple’s in-house processors are already benefiting from this invention, but what about third-party applications? As it now appears, developers must first approve the Apple 120 Hz update rate. You will find out what the requirements are Here.

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Unlock iPhone 13 with Apple Watch: Troubleshoot with update

You can no longer unlock the iPhone 13 using the Apple Watch while wearing the mask. This issue should be fixed soon with an update, more on that later Here.

Apple has opened three important security holes in iOS 15

According to a security expert, Apple ignores important security holes, which can sometimes lead to tapping into user data. More about this Here.

Beats Studio 3: New Limited Edition in view

Beats Studio 3 will be available in a new limited edition soon. This special edition is called “A Cool Wall”. More about this Here.

Johnny Ive will soon be working for Ferrari

Former Apple CEO Joni Ive will soon be working for Ferrari. The automaker announced this today. More about this Here.

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