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Is Pokmon Match 2 possible for Nintendo Switch?  Katsuhiro Harata talks about it

Is Pokmon Match 2 possible for Nintendo Switch? Katsuhiro Harata talks about it

Fans of Game Freak’s creatures are waiting to see what it will be like The next game of the Pokemon series, Former sports director Pokmon competition Talked about the possibility of creating a sequel.

Originally published Nintendo Wii U., The fighting game with pocket creatures has found new life Nintendo Switch, Which landed in the final and expanded version. Desired players Pokான்mon Competition D.X. They are now wondering if there will be a way to see the continuation of the fight game debut on the hybrid console. A question led to an activist asking a question directly Katsuhiro Haratha, Historical director of the series Deccan And responsible for development Pokmon competition.

The author provided a response directly from his official Twitter account. Since you can check directly at the bottom of this message, the hypothesis is not ruled out, even if the decision is not with the game director. “We have a good relationship with Nintendo and Pokemon – Haratha writes – And Bogan was Received very favorably, Therefore I would love to work on it again. But we did not decide, it was in their hands“When available, the board of directors can only wait for the creators of Kyoto House and Pokemon to call for weapons. What do you think, do you like?” Pokான்mon Match2?

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