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Is GTA 6 a hidden game film in Rockstar's GDA trilogy?  -

Is GTA 6 a hidden game film in Rockstar’s GDA trilogy? –

GDA6 After some users have identified themselves, the rumors surrounding it have returned to discuss the series’ many fans. GDA trilogy A ‘Picture It’s the next chapter in the history of Rockstar games.

This is not the first time GTA 6’s speculative teaser has been talked about, but just because rumors have so far proved unfounded does not mean they are this time either. After all, let’s face it, no one expected it Remaster Released on PC and console.

In this case, everything revolves around the image of a house inside Lil ‘Probe’Inn, Among many other photos all include UFOs in some way. Shared on GTAForums and mentioned in screenshot Grand Theft Auto VI.

Why so much security? According to fans, the film refers to the graphics engine Rage, Used by Rockstar Games for the development of its gamesUnreal machine Used for GTA trilogy.

Also, there seems to be no episode of the depicted house series, and that kind of landscape puts it in certain areas. Miami. Are there odd hypotheses or facts? Maybe it won’t take long to find out.

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