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IPhone users can adjust their smartphones themselves

IPhone users can adjust their smartphones themselves

LoversApple Get a little more freedom. The Apple brand actually offers its users the opportunity to adjust their smartphones themselves and some
Computers. The move is an unexpected offer from a technology company that has made a name for itself as the most closed ecosystem of devices and software.

The online store, called “Self-Service Repair”, buys more than 200 spare parts and tools used for the most common problems of the latest models.IPhone (12 and 13), such as defective batteries or screens, according to the November 17 press release.

Apple has long restricted repairs to technicians in its stores – over the counter known as the “Genius Bar” – and to some authorized dealers, but the waiting times and prices are generally higher. This feature and systematic obsolete accusations continue to plague him for criticism of the durability of his devices. Apple’s offer of “not perfect, but we’re glad they finally acknowledge what we’ll always know: everyone is smart enough to fix the iPhone,” with a contradictory note on Twitter, iFixit, a billing website that serves as a guide to fixing all sorts of stuff.

Controlling constantly criticized

The new service will be launched United States Beginning in 2022, before being expanded to other countries this year, apart from smartphones, Apple-made M1 chip-equipped computers will be added. “Customers are affiliated with more than 5,000 authorized suppliers and 2,800 independent repairmen with access to spare parts, tools and manuals,” the California team notes. “In the last three years, we have almost doubled the number of places with (this) access,” said Jeff Williams, COO.

This decision was made because Apple is constantly being criticized by companies and officials for trying to control its physical and intangible ecosystem very closely. Compatibility issues with other brands’ devices, for example, strongly encourage consumers to stay in the Apple world. On the iPhone, Apple’s operating system closely monitors third-party mobile applications that need to go through the App Store.

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