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iOS 15: New home screen for better management of iPods and announcements

iOS 15: New home screen for better management of iPods and announcements

Mark Kurman a Posted on Bloomberg There are some rumors about new features for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, two updates to be released during the WWDC in June and to be released in the fall. Journalism is generally well known, but often new features are postponed or canceled, especially with regard to software. Let’s take a look at the innovations mentioned in this article.

Under iOS 14, the iPod will receive a new home screen similar to the iPhone. Widgets have been able to place widgets anywhere since the first tablet was released in 2010 and have not completely changed the grid of apps. The site does not say that, but you can imagine that we will also find a library of mandatory fill-in applications that allow access to all the apps installed on the iPhone.

This is the only innovation on the iPad mentioned in this rumor and we hope it will not be the only one. However, Mark Kourman triggers other minor innovations for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, starting with the refined management of announcements. A new menu will allow you to change the settings according to the usual circumstances: you can choose to receive alerts differently depending on whether you are asleep, driving or working. One can imagine a highly restricted configuration, the other, allowing all alerts to be sent.

With this change, a locked screen of iOS should be created, with at least one button integrated in the settings menu. IOS 15’s Control Center also integrates a shortcut, which makes it possible to quickly change these options. Bloomberg It also refers to the possibility of responding automatically to messages, which can already be done, but only in “Do not disturb the car” mode. The update will allow you to define any context.

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Finally, Mark Kurman understands that updates are expected for iMessage, the instant messaging home. There are some details in this regard, but it would be an idea to get closer to its social competitors like WhatsApp. The site warns that these new features are in the early stages of development and may be postponed for later updates to the system.

This time we had some rumors on iOS 15, since it triggers new functionality. Should we speculate that this year will be a little newer, or could Apple have kept the secret better? Earlier in the year, there was talk of abandoning older iPhones and iPods: