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iOS 15.1 Beta 3, here is all the news!

IOS 15.1 is the next intermediate update of iOS 15, bringing with it some of the features that were announced during past events.

With The first beta The time has finally come Share Play, Can be useful for sharing multimedia content with your friends in real time. This feature was announced during the WWDC, however Apple has decided to take a few more weeks to test it out.

iOS 15.1

Two more messages are coming with Beta 3. It is supported on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max ProRes format, New high quality video format available for both Pro models. This can be activated from the camera section of the settings and activating it will bring up a dedicated button in the video mode of the camera app.

IOS 15.1

New is coming Toggle Disable Auto Macro Mode on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. Alternatives are always available within the category Photo tool From Settings. By disabling this feature, the iPhone camera will not automatically switch to macro mode.

Also, a bug in Apple Maps has been fixed that, in some cases, shows poor quality looks around images.

We do not currently know when the new update will be released to all users. We are only in the third beta and it will take a few more weeks for Apple to release the official version for everyone.


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