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Intelligent Wiper Successor: Anti-Gravity Racer Ballistic NG NX Version Announced for Nintendo Switch – ntower

There is good news for everyone Wipe offFans are out due to developer Neognosis Announced that Anti-gravity-razor ballistic NG For that Nintendo Click Is in development – so-called NX version. The title, which was introduced on the computer in 2018, is strongly based on the first three Wi-Fi episodes that appeared on the PlayStation 1 at the time, and both the graphics, music and physics are strongly reminiscent of episodes since then.

The announcement of the Nintendo Switch version comes with the latest update of the game for PC, including the developers Multiplayer support And Bots For that Single playerModus Have implemented. Boarding for the Nintendo Switch is currently in its infancy, but the developers are now familiar with the hardware themselves, and the current update has laid the foundation for implementation on Nintendo’s console. The version on the Nintendo Switch is said to be the same Codebase Like the PC, it doesn’t matter what system the players are playing on, so developers can keep both versions as smooth as possible.

Someone does not currently have a time window Release, But the developers plan to talk more about the port in a future announcement. Additional information about PC-version You can Steam Find out. To get you an idea of ​​the game, you will find one below Trailer For system release:

Are you happy that the Spiritual Wipe successor Nintendo Switch appears in the Ballistic NG NX version?