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Install and use the new "Freebox Detection" tool

Install and use the new “Freebox Detection” tool

Player Pop: Install and use the new tool

At the end of December, the system used a free update to the popup player that provided the new diagnostic tool. This tutorial will show you how to download, install and use it.

Thanks Latest operating system update, The pop player now provides a diagnostic tool. We will explain the installation procedure and then how to use it. Let’s also look at the information it provides.

Download and install the update

You must first update the operating system to add a diagnostic tool. To do this, press the Home button on the remote control and go to the Home page and click the gear wheel in the upper right.

From there, go to “Device Preferences”, then “About”.

Then click “System Update”.

It should guide you to install the update. It weighs 258 MB and requires a restart of the player.

Add an icon to the Android TV home screen

Once the update is installed, go to the Android Home screen and the “Apps” banner before going to the right to press the big + button.

In the list of apps that appears on the front, click “Detect Freebox”.

The icon is now visible on the Android home screen, so it’s easy to access.

Start the diagnosis

Now let’s go to the tool. What is he testing?

This includes network components (connection mode, for example), audio (current volume, for example), video (player display mode), Bluetooth (remote control battery percentage) and DNT.

It allows you to perform performance tests, ping tests (delay) and DNS tests (IP address and domain name change system).

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At the end of the detection, a large button is used to send a report to the statistics related to the problems faced by the users.

Also note that the up and down arrows on the remote control allow you to go into the report. This is what allowed us to do these grips in a convenient way.